The Dillon Rose Journal — Silver

  • Collection V.

    · By Dillon Rose

    From within the earth where invisible forces work, emerge delicate bodies. Vast networks connect death and life, decay is transformed into new birth, regeneration. What we see above ground is but a small part, the end really, of this death and life cycle. 
  • Earth-conscious practices, Nature-centric mindset.

    · By Rachel Dazey

    At Dillon/Rose, sustainability and eco-conscious practices have been a central pillar of our business. One of our climate-friendly processes includes working with only recycled metals when carefully crafting each precious piece of heirloom jewelry.
  • Opal Necklace Displays Nature's Wonder

    · By Rachel Dazey

    We recently made this necklace using an incredible koroit opal from Australia that Seth's uncle cut and polished.