Custom jewelry services

At Dillon Rose we believe custom jewelry is a way to explore who you are. A piece of custom designed jewelry communicates what you value, who you love and what you stand for without saying a word. Enter the room confidently with custom jewelry unique to your story.

custom Jewelry process

1- Start by sharing contact info and idea in the form below - We will respond within two business days. A virtual or in-person meeting with designer Rachel Rose will follow to explore the details of your custom jewelry project and answer any questions. Feel free to schedule and in-person meeting or drop by during our open hours to learn more.

2- Design - Desired gemstones must be acquired before next steps. Client reviews Rachel’s jewelry design and approves or requests changes. Drawings become 3D computer renderings or hand-carved waxes.

3- Production - The 3D model or wax is burnt leaving a negative in a plaster mold. Your metal is melted and poured into the mold. Stone-setting and polishing follow. All stages are performed in our studio.

4- Delivery - We prefer clients pickup their custom jewelry projects in the studio to ensure satisfaction. Shipping is available through insured providers. Expect to receive an invitation to an optional follow up appointment to discuss your experience with your custom jewelry project.

Common Questions

Custom jewelry can vary widely based upon design complexity, iterations and chosen materials. The custom engagement ring process has a base fee of $2700, metals and gemstones or diamonds are priced in addition to the base fee and based on current market value.

You can expect your project to take 6-8 weeks from the time of design approval to delivery. One design review is included with the quoted fee. Additional design reviews will incur additional cost at an hourly rate.

We will happily work with your gemstones or diamonds but clients should understand that there is always a risk of chipping, cracking or scratching when setting stones. Damages can be the result of existing flaws within the stone that are invisible to the eye. We do not take responsibility for client gemstones.

We take care to source materials responsibly. Many of our stones come from a family member, Keith Cler who cuts them himself and buys direct from reputable miners. We have developed relationships with qualified dealers of lab-grown and natural diamonds. A conflict-free diamond is very realistic in the modern marketplace. All of our gold is 100% recycled. We can also incorporate your broken or unworn jewelry if desired. Ethical sourcing of materials is central to our mission to provide the highest quality jewelry for our clients. Feel free to ask for more info regarding material sources.

Let's work together

Custom jewelry services for bespoke engagement rings, Heirloom jewelry redesign, or personalized tokens of inspiration. Celebrate milestone achievements with gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones. Explore your story with custom jewelry from Dillon Rose.

1% For The Planet

Our appreciation for nature and our conviction to create sustainable, equitable systems led us to join 1% For the Planet, pledging to give at least 1% of gross income to conservation efforts. Our jewelry features 100% recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and responsibly sourced gemstones. We support the Nature Conservancy and Sutton Avian Research Center with annual donations. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.