An environmental mindset in Everything We do

Since our founding in 2015, sustainability has been at the forefront of our business and entrepreneurial mindset. The only way to 100% ensure a jewelry business is sustainable is to vertically integrate our entire operation. We committed to using 100% recycled metals for every single piece and also go above and beyond to source gemstones that have a traceable history to a regenerative mining facility or lab.

Vertical Integration

At Dillon•Rose, vertical integration is paramount to our edict on ethical business. This means we craft our offerings entirely in-house, ensuring top-tier quality and eco-consciousness at every stage.

Vertically integrated production isn’t cheap or easy, it requires experts in each step of production which can be challenging, but it also allows companies to oversee the ENTIRE production process. Most importantly for us, it allows us to keep a close eye on quality and sustainability. We believe in maintaining the highest quality of jewelry while creating equitable jobs in ethical ways.

In short, vertically integrated production is not only more environmentally and socially responsible, but it helps us to maintain superior quality every step of the way.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

1% For The Planet

Our appreciation for nature and our conviction to create sustainable, equitable systems led us to join 1% For the Planet, pledging to give at least 1% of gross income to conservation efforts. Our jewelry features 100% recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and responsibly sourced gemstones. 

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100% Recyclable Packaging

Single-use plastic and out-of-control packaging have been at the forefront of our minds since shipping our first piece of jewelry. We only source 100% recyclable materials, paper, boxes, and more so you can collect jewelry and not boxes! Feel free to safely recycle all of the packaging your ring came in.

Our Values

Heirloom Redesign

One of the most sustainable practices we offer is Heirloom Redesign. Reimagine your inherited jewels with a custom design that speaks directly to your personal family story.

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The Dillon Rose Journal

  • Montana Sapphires From the Source

    I recently took a trip to Western Montana, a land that feels like heaven in the summertime. Puffy clouds, snow capped mountains, sunny plains and quick flowing creeks. I met my uncle Keith there, jumped on the back of his...

  • Custom Jewelry Design Highlight: Diamond Pendant

    I designed this radiant diamond pendant to celebrate a couple's 10th wedding anniversary. I work to include elements in custom jewelry that will be significant to the wearer, infusing pieces with meaning through the design. In this piece, each year...

  • Custom Jewelry Design Highlight: Heart Pendant

    It is such a honor to be trusted with the intimate stories of your life. Stories of love, overcoming, and hope inspire me to create pieces that will be passed down, like the stories of your lives, to future generations. 

    This heart concept pendant was cast in 18K yellow gold with a symbolic 14K rose gold accent piece where the scar will be on the heart. I designed a 6x4mm pear-shaped garnet where the abnormality in the heart was found and 3 sapphires on the left to symbolize 3 other family members.