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The Dillon•Rose Journal

  • Custom Jewelry Design Highlight: Heart Pendant

    It is such a honor to be trusted with the intimate stories of your life. Stories of love, overcoming, and hope inspire me to create pieces that will be passed down, like the stories of your lives, to future generations. 

    This heart concept pendant was cast in 18K yellow gold with a symbolic 14K rose gold accent piece where the scar will be on the heart. I designed a 6x4mm pear-shaped garnet where the abnormality in the heart was found and 3 sapphires on the left to symbolize 3 other family members.

  • "What to Expect at a Dinner with Dillon Rose" by Alicia Chesser

    Our Hidden Gem and Gemstone Dinners are intentional experiences. Writer Alicia Chesser beautifully captured the rhythm in this article.
  • A Guide to Heirloom Jewelry Redesign

    I often think of myself as a weaver. Rather than yarn or spider silk, my medium is metal and gemstone. I see these pieces connecting people, connecting them to ideas, aspirations, loves and meaning.

    When clients bring inherited pieces in for a redesign, the meaning is often inherent in these treasures. Using metals and stones that once belonged to a loved one brings new life to these everlasting materials. It is a beautiful way to honor your  history and the story of how you came to be. It's significant to me that the metals and stones of our life live beyond us, they can be melted, reimagined, reformed, and set anew. I am free to create without boundaries knowing that in the forge of fire all can be turned into raw material once again.