The Dillon Rose Journal — OOAK

  • Rising Seas to Honey Bees

    · By Rachel Dazey

    When asked to be one of the artists for an upcoming show at Ligget Studio in Tulsa, OK I knew I would be leaning into my relationship with the honey bee. The theme of the show is an exploration of our relationship with the changing climate.

    · By Rachel Dazey

    In 1947 a fireball brighter than the sun with a 10 mile snake trail and a deafening roar fell from the sky. Fortunately, the resulting rain of shrapnel, known as meteorite, fell in an uninhabited area of eastern Siberia. We found them at a gem show over the summer and happily brought them into the studio
  • October Opals

    · By Rachel Dazey

    More than just Octobers birthstone, Opals are one of our favorite precious gems to work with. Read further to learn more about what makes this Opal full of love and take a look at some of our favorite past designs.
  • Collection V.

    · By Dillon Rose

    From within the earth where invisible forces work, emerge delicate bodies. Vast networks connect death and life, decay is transformed into new birth, regeneration. What we see above ground is but a small part, the end really, of this death and life cycle.