· By Dillon Rose

Collection V.

From within the earth where invisible forces work, emerge delicate bodies. Vast networks connect death and life, decay is transformed into new birth, regeneration. What we see above ground is but a small part, the end really, of this death and life cycle. 
Similarly, the human body, and specifically the womb, transforms cosmic powers into physical form. We do not see these forces at work, but the results are known to each of us through our consciousness. We are but small fruiting bodies built up of the forces of other living things, earthly and cosmic.
We are delighted to release this collection exploring the theme of these
fruiting bodies. 

V is a symbol of both emergence and grounding, it is united together and sprouting outward. The mushroom emerges out of the ground through a base called the volva and we emerge via birth through a woman’s vulva. V.  

Materials and Process
Oxidized silver and gold are utilized in a display of elements, the dark and light, integrated to create depth of body, resilience and beauty. Many of the pieces have Keum Boo, an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply pure gold (23.5-24k) sheet to silver, making silver-gilt via a fusion bond. The addition of 23.5k gold through this unique method of uniting metals, represents the spreading of spores and regeneration, light exuding from within the dark. It is both a labor intensive and beautiful process.
A portion of the proceeds from Collection V will be donated to complete the creation of the Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma, a book made to encourage middle-school-aged youth to learn about Northeastern Oklahoma's native species (including mushrooms!) and to create art inspired by experiences in nature. Edited by Liz Blood and with contributions from 40+ Oklahoma artists and writers—including original fiction, poetry, visual art, and art and writing prompts—this book will be printed in early 2022 and given away for free to Tulsa-area kids.


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