· By Rachel Dazey

Our Relationship to Fire

This summer, we’re focusing on not only the relationships we have with each other, but also our more abstract relationships; a divine synergy that we have with the earth and all of her elements. 

The last month of our meteorological summer, August, is always thought of as hottest month here in Oklahoma. We continue to turn our focus to the relationships that we have with the earth and all of her elements, so let's talk about fire.

Just like the duality of water, fire can destroy and also give life. 

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In Oklahoma, we support our prairies through a controlled fire, a "prescribed burn", in order to prevent a destructive wildfire and encourage a healthy ecosystem on the land. Indigenous peoples have been using fire as a management tool for centuries across the grasslands of middle America. Scientists have been studying the abundant grasses, wildflowers and diverse animal life across the prairie since the 1930s. It has been found that prairie grasses and flowers are well-suited to fire, in fact, they thrive with it.

Oklahoma Prairie Fire

Through a prescribed burn, conservationists safely reduce excessive amounts of brush, invasive plants, shrubs and trees. This encourages native vegetation to grow and reinforces the grassland ecosystem. No more than one half of the preserve is burned at a time, so that prairie animals can maintain their habitats. We use fire as an economically- and environmentally-sound tool for good land stewardship encouraging biodiversity and longevity.

Though, as we know, nature can and does take its own course without human intervention. We are heartbroken at the devastation caused by the wildfires on the West Coast. That is why we pledge to donate 20% of all sales for the next two days to Northwest Natural Resource Group, a 1% for the Planet non-profit partner that focuses on land conservation. Among other incredible programming, they provide numerous resources for wildfire preparation and prevention.

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At Dillon/Rose, we work with fire to both destroy and create. Through our practice of recycling metals, we melt down the gold or silver from an old piece of jewelry or castings that didn’t make the cut and bring it back to life in a completely new form.

How do you interact with fire? In what parts of your life can you implement the lessons of powerful and rejuvenating fire?


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