· By Rachel Dazey

Natural Relationships - WATER

This summer, we’re focusing on not only the relationships we have with each other, but also our more abstract relationships; a divine synergy that we have with the earth and all of her elements. 

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” — Loren Eiseley Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring Tulsa

Water is truly a thing of magic. Covering 71% of the earth and making up to 60% of the human body, water is essential to our life and our well-being. The flow and flexibility of water is inspiring in that it can flow to fill up a space but also be contained in a frozen state. Not only can it sustain life, but it also has the power to destroy. The overall duality of water proves its expansiveness and complexity. 

Tulsa Engagement Ring Directly inspired by smooth river stones, the varying colors of the cool water and the sparkle as the sun hits the surface, we take note of each element of this natural beauty and imbue into our designs.

Our relationship with the water is of utmost importance. To care greatly for the oceans, rivers, creeks and even the smallest of ponds is to care for the microcosm of living species that we often cannot and do not even see.

As we push on living and breathing, the sanctity of water continues to increase. With droughts and shortages of clean water across the world, we dream to make room for alternatives and care greatly for this precious resource.

What is your relationship with the water? How does it inspire you?

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