The Dillon Rose Journal — Diamond

  • Old Mine Cut Diamonds

    · By Rachel Dazey

    The stones you wear on your finger often have stories beyond those which you ascribe to them. One of our specialties is disassembling heirloom jewelry to create designs the owners will enjoy wearing daily. 

    · By Rachel Dazey

    In 1947 a fireball brighter than the sun with a 10 mile snake trail and a deafening roar fell from the sky. Fortunately, the resulting rain of shrapnel, known as meteorite, fell in an uninhabited area of eastern Siberia. We found them at a gem show over the summer and happily brought them into the studio
  • Collection V.

    · By Dillon Rose

    From within the earth where invisible forces work, emerge delicate bodies. Vast networks connect death and life, decay is transformed into new birth, regeneration. What we see above ground is but a small part, the end really, of this death and life cycle. 
  • Jewelry tells the story of who you are

    · By Rachel Dazey

    Jewelry reflects our desires and projects our values. Used for centuries by royalty from all kingdoms, jewelry has served as a show of power and distinction of privilege. In that time those who were born into privileged situations were regarded as higher up, as gods or all knowing powers. In recent human history there has been a reckoning of our place on earth. We have broken down old beliefs and systems of power to create a more equal way of seeing one another. With this change, jewelry has become less a symbol of power and more one of personality, a...