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In 1947 a fireball brighter than the sun with a 10 mile snake trail and a deafening roar fell from the sky. Fortunately, the resulting rain of shrapnel, known as meteorite, fell in an uninhabited area of eastern Siberia. We found them at a gem show over the summer and happily brought them into the studio
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When Michelle and David came into the studio to discuss wedding rings all they knew is that they wanted something unique. We started out by showing them beautifully cut sapphires and then remembered these meteorites. The second they saw the meteorite and discovered how it could be set down in the ring they knew this was the material they wanted to work with. Because meteorite has gone through the intense heat and pressure of passing from outer space into the atmosphere of earth it can withstand extreme conditions, like being burned in the kiln at 1350* F and having molten gold flow around it. Using the lost wax casting method we set the meteorite deep in wax and cast the meteorite in place, lower down in the band, with the gold organically flowing around it. Michelle chose a stunning marquise cut sapphire and small diamond which we set next to the meteorite, creating a ring like no other.
White gold sapphire and diamond engagement ring
Thank you for trusting us to create rings that honor the uniqueness of your love. Your love inspires us.
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