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Earth-conscious practices, Nature-centric mindset.

At Dillon/Rose, sustainability and eco-conscious practices have been a central pillar of our business. One of our climate-friendly processes includes working with only recycled metals when carefully crafting each precious piece of heirloom jewelry.

As a 1% For the Planet Partner, we are proud to not only support our Earth monetarily but also within each studio practice that we implement. Caring for the Earth plays a key role in the decisions we make inside and outside of our jewelry studio. Using recycled gold, sterling silver and responsibly sourced, and reclaimed gemstones, we are able to work toward fulfilling our sustainable objectives.

Dillon Rose jewelry studio Tulsa

Dillon Rose custom jewelry Tulsa Oklahoma

Casting and creating with only non-mined metals pushes our creativity. There is no difference of quality, color or molecular makeup when working with recycled metal rather than a non-recycled materials. Being gentler on the Earth is of utmost importance as we draw so much of our inspiration from the awe-inspiring topography and inhabitants of our planet.

Investing in the Earth invests in our future.

Through the use of recycled metals and eco-friendly practices, we seek to protect nature as it's our largest inspiration. On our YouTube channel, we speak about how the many different parts of nature inspire our work and design process.

DillonRose YouTube Channel Nature Video

Click to watch us talk about our favorite Oklahoma swimming hole and how it has influenced some of our organic designs.


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