· By Rachel Dazey

Opal Necklace Displays Nature's Wonder

We recently made this necklace using an incredible koroit opal from Australia that Seth's uncle cut and polished. These stones look like big, rough brown potatoes when he gets them from Australia, but then he slices into them, finding the most beautiful veins of opal that he cuts around to highlight the magnificent color and light that emerges. Every single one is different, uniquely playing with the light and showing a different mix of colors and lines. Science can explain to us how these wonders get made deep in the pockets of earth but we have yet to hear a good explanation for the feeling of wonder we experience when looking at them. I could literally sit and look at these stones for hours, full of wonder and delight at their beauty. It still astounds me that so many colors and such beautiful reflectivity are found buried in the dirt, as if under this layer of earth we walk on is another glittering night sky. It reminds me that as self-centered as we humans can be, none of this was actually made for us, we are just lucky enough to experience it.

We set this opal in sterling silver and then highlighted the subtle yellows and oranges in the stone with three 14K Gold drops on the right. The silver chain of the necklace is a delicate rectangular chain that really allows the stone's uniqueness to shine. 

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  • This is incredibly beautiful! And what you wrote gives me such an awareness that the mysteries of God’s creation go so far beyond what we humans perceive -such beauty – and he wants us to enjoy them! Such a gift you have been given hon-to create jewelry that showcases this beauty! Love ya❤️

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