· By Rachel Dazey

Teton Mountains in Silver

Sterling Silver Mountain Cuff Bracelet

When I was 17 my parents took me on a huge road trip across the US as a graduation present. The Teton Mountain Range and the surrounding landscape of Wyoming and Montana left a mark on my soul and years later when I started making sterling silver jewelry inspired by the mountains I was sure to include the Teton Range in my bracelet designs. I've been wearing this silver Teton cuff for months now.

For the kids fall break this year we decided to trek north to Wyoming. We camped, made fires, stayed in cabins and hiked to beautiful mountain lakes. It was wonderful to experience the beauty and grandeur of this mountain scape a decade later with my husband and 2 children, and to hold the Silver Teton bracelet up to the real Teton Mountain Range and see their resemblance in person. I took this photo right after sunrise, with the moon setting in the west, just out of view of the camera. It was one of those moments I will remember forever. Right after this we managed to get the kids to do a 3.5 mile hike to a gorgeous mountain lake, it was the longest hike our 4 year old has done on her own and it was great to be out there early in the morning as the fog was lifting and the sun was melting little ice crystals off the graceful grasses and splendid pine needles.

Family of silver and gold jewelers in the Teton Mountains


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