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Big Skies and Bolo Ties

Nature Conservancy Tall Grass Prairie
Latitude: 36.846143. Longitude:-96.422924

Nature inspires our lives and our designs at Dillon/Rose and we decided a few months ago that we want time spent in nature to be part of the culture we create together as a team. Every month we choose somewhere to explore, this month we went to the Tallgrass Prairie in North Central Oklahoma. The vibrancy of the soil and the health of the bison heard there is a beautiful picture of integrated land management creating overall ecological health.
Tall Grass Prairie     Tall Grass Prairie
Integrating our values into the company we are creating is important to us, we think it is one way to build a strong base to build upon. It is why we take the time to get the team out in nature and it is why we joined the 1% For the Planet Organization, promising along with other companies to give at least 1% of our gross sales to environmental and conservation efforts. It is a promise which ensures we value people and the planet over profit. Every year we commit at least 1% of our total sales to conservation work, usually giving to the Nature Conservancy which manages the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (along with other important land conservation efforts across the globe.)

Often at the end of the year when we write the checks to ensure we are fulfilling that 1% commitment it is financially painful, but we know that ultimately integrating our values in the work that we do will create vibrant systems for the future. Watching the tall grasses blow in the wind and experiencing the diversity of plant and animal life at the Tallgrass Prairie reminds us how valuable vibrant systems are and inspires us to continue living in the values we hold dear.

Dillon/Rose Local Made Custom Jewelry

Tall Grass Prairie    Local Jewelry Made by Dillon/Rose
Access to these lands rejuvenate our minds and spirits, bringing perspective, appreciation and beauty into life. 
Local Custom Made Engagement Wedding Jewelry
Often viewed as luxuries, we believe these values are actually necessities for integrated health. As humans we search for a sense of place, a resonance with what makes a place home. For us at Dillon/Rose, that sense most often comes through in the landscape, the grasses, the bison and birds of Oklahoma.


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