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'Hidden Gem' Dinner

 Tulsa Hidden Gem Dinner

     Breaking bread together is a tradition of connection and community. We created the ‘Hidden Gem’ dinner to bring groups of people together with intention, joy and creativity. It started with a friendship between Cat Cox and I. We wanted to collaborate creatively and after casting a sapphire inside a ring, (meaning the sapphire had gone up to 1350* degrees and had molten gold flow around it) I had the idea of baking jewelry into bread. I loved the idea of creating a hidden treasure that would have to be discovered, creating an element of surprise and delight. We wanted to share the project in a way that really created a meaningful, authentic experience and brought people together that may not naturally gather. The idea of ‘breaking bread’ with people that didn’t know each other was appealing as we came out of the isolation of the pandemic and were experiencing increased polarization of our nation. In my travels around the world, everywhere I’ve gone, I have experienced kindness from people I don’t know. And honestly, I just missed the experience of kindness from strangers. I wanted to create an environment where people that don’t know each other become comfortable with one another and find ways to connect.

Tulsa Hidden Gem


Our first few dinners have been just that, beautiful evenings of connection, joy and surprise. 

The sourdough bread that Cat Cox creates is a work of art in itself, milled from grains she purchases directly from farmers and blends with herbs and unlikely ingredients like sweet potato, cocoa or rose. Everyone knows there is a ring in the loaf of bread but no one knows where it is. Before we start eating, Cat shares about what makes each particular loaf unique and then we pass the bread around the table, everyone takes a slice and someone finds the ring in their bread! Once the ring is found Rachel explains the concept behind the design, the materials and the process of making the ring. It is a joyful experience for everyone at the table, and of course, very exciting for the person that finds the ring and gets to keep it! We enjoy the rest of the evening over wine and a nice dinner that Cat prepares to compliment the bread.

Tulsa Hidden Gems

How can you participate in a “Hidden Gem” dinner?

You can book a private dinner for a group of friends, family or colleagues. 

We host a “public” dinner every quarter, meaning we invite 8 women from the community and host the dinner as a community offering. 

Pricing includes dinner, wine pairings and desert (plus one amazing ring for whoever discovers it!).

Private dinner for 8 hosted at Dillon/Rose Studio: $3000 (cost will vary if you want a specific ring or design - this includes a solid gold ring valued up to $2500)

If you’re interested in purchasing a single loaf of bread with a ring baked into it, maybe for a proposal or fun anniversary gift that is an option as well. 

Single Loaf of bread with ring baked into it: $75 plus cost of ring

Tulsa Hidden Gem Jewelry

Diamond and Ruby Ring


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