· By Rachel Dazey

The Balancing Effects of Moonstone + Pearl

Cosmically, June is a month of change. The days get longer as the summer solstice approaches and then begin to shorten once we pass that celestial shift. In the Northern Hemisphere, the longest days of the year are ones of increasing warmth and lingering sunny evenings. I find it intriguing that June’s birthstones are pearl and moonstone; two stones with a cooling iridescence to counteract those long hot days leading to summer solstice and beyond.

Not only do I see a connection in these gems as a balancing force within our current season, but also their deep association to the moon. Moonstone is metaphysically considered a stone of calm stability and intuition. The way it refracts and reflects light gives it an ethereal, moonlike quality. Finding pearls is greatly determined by the moon. As we know, the moon affects the tides and the tides determine which mollusks we can uncover, delivering us beauty from a grain of sand.

These stones are not only a break from the heat, but also a reminder of magic, nature and their congruence.


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