· By Rachel Dazey

Gifting and Ritual

Rituals provide us with a sense of renewal.

Metaphorically, rituals are an oases, a time to replenish and restore ourselves on our long and winding path through life. Rituals help us to reflect on our journey thus far and reaffirm that we are traveling on the right path. Our rituals provide an opportunity to renew. Something as simple as putting on a piece of jewelry in the morning can act as a ritual.

 When you slip on a ring that symbolizes love it reminds you that you are loved, that you love yourself, that you will act with love towards the people in your life. When you slip on a bracelet that symbolizes strength it can act as that daily reminder that you are strong, and allows you to not only start the day with a sense of strength but move through the day with that constant empowered reminder. The jewelry we wear is a reflection of our values and goals and, with intention, it has the potential to transform who we are from the inside out.

As a gift, jewelry allows you to share inspiration and positivity with the people you love. That cuff you send can remind your friend that she is loved and valued, or to celebrate life’s adventures and accomplishments. You can remind a friend how their strength has uplifted you and even give them a daily reminder of their own inspiring inner power. Each piece of jewelry we make is symbolic in some way and meant to give you and loved ones a reminder that helps you be your best self, love yourself deeply and feel connected with the goodness we cultivate in the world.


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