· By Rachel Dazey


A circle is defined as the locus of all points equidistant from a central point. I like to think the central point in the circle of an engagement ring is love. Only actions that can relate back to that point are worthy of being a part of our circle. When we choose to commit to another person we are choosing to be accountable to love, against which every action and motivation can be measured. Your ring is a perfect symbol for that commitment, a daily reminder that your life is now lived in a new relationship, one in which love is the center.

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A ring is also the perfect symbol for marriage because just like in a circle there is no end. It simply is. When you commit to a relationship of love you are committing to a relationship of lives intertwined beyond the simplicity of finding a beginning or end. The history and mystery of each individual is part of the ever unfolding story of your love together.

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Jewelry and engagement rings have been used to communicate the values of your culture, social status, family traditions and most of all your commitment to the one you love. As a jewelry designer my goal is to build jewelry and engagement rings that communicate your values. Ultimately the relationship you have with your partner is an extension of the relationship you have with yourself. What values do you hold dear enough to commit your life. Centering yourself in the way you relate to those you love is important. What are the values you want as your central point?
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