· By Rachel Dazey

Freedom In The Mind Is Simple

Freedom in the mind is simple. It’s mostly about letting go, like a bird drifting on wind currents high in the sky. 

One of the gifts of the human mind is the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. A gift that allows us to have compassion but also to complicate things in our mind. We store massive amounts of information in our brains in hopes of finding truth or gaining control, not realizing that the amount of information, the quantity of thoughts is actually muddling our ability to see clearly. Letting go of control is often when true understanding takes place. Let your mind be a bird, quietly drifting on currents in the sky.

These three jewelry pieces, available in gold, silver or copper are symbols of freedom, reminding you to let go of control and find clarity in simplicity and freedom. 

The lines symbolize that you are never alone, there is always an energy running parallel to you, spurring you on to be your best self. You may have to let go of control, enter the flow. 

Wing Earrings in 18k gold or Sterling Silver 

Gold Engagement Ring Tulsa Diamond Earring Fine Jewelry

Tiny Cuff in 14K gold, sterling silver or copper

Bar Earrings in 14K Gold, Silver or copper

Gold, Silver or Copper earrings Tulsa Fine Engagement Ring Jewelry



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