· By Rachel Dazey

Adorn Yourself With Respect

Adorn yourself with respect. Care for your body, the breath you breathe; care for your soul, the energy you contain. Respect, love, adorn the vessel that carries you through this gift of a life. In the mind and spirit there are no limitations, your physicality is what grounds you to this moment. Your body reminds you to be HERE; jewelry reminds you that here you are worthy of respect. 

Recently I have found a new relationship to self-care; realizing that small moments like putting on jewelry can be caring for myself. The ring on my finger reminds me that I am loved, the mountain bracelet slipped around my wrist in the morning that I am strong enough to overcome challenges, my necklace reminds me to be true to who I am. Caring for yourself is respecting yourself; it can be done in the smallest way like dipping your toes in a stream or the most luxurious way like wrapped in soft silk and rose petal steam.

Taking care of ourselves is the first step to taking care of others and the responsibilities we face each day. It can be overwhelming but when simplified to small daily rituals it can transform how we see ourselves and one another. Finding meaning in the tokens you wear is a simple way to adorn yourself with respect and remind yourself how worthy you are.


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How have you been showing yourself respect and care these last few months?


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