· By Rachel Dazey


Tulsa’s Mayfest 2019 is this weekend in the Tulsa Arts District and we will be exhibiting a special collection of jewelry to raise $2500 for the the Take Control Initiative, a local education nonprofit. 

The Take Control Initiative is a program that empowers women and families with the choice of when to have children through highly effective, low maintenance contraception. The Take Control Initiative helps women and families have more control over their lives, pursue their educational goals, and improve their socio-economic status.

It’s been our mission to give back and help build our community. This collection, like everything we do, is handcrafted with love and intent. We believe that every detail matters; craftsmanship, materials & service.

We will also be featuring a special floral installation in our booth by local artist Lydia Cheshwalla.

We invite you to stop by Tulsa Mayfest this weekend to see the collection, support local artists and nonprofits and learn more about Dillon Rose. We are booth 85 on  MLK Jr. BLVD.


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