· By Rachel Dazey

Rose Vine Ring

Rose Vine Gold and Diamond Ring

As someone with a very active lifestyle I never thought I would want to wear a ring with a big stone in it, but as I’ve learned more about the strength and durability of diamonds it has inspired a new way of designing. The beauty of the way this stone is set is that it keeps the elegance of a prong setting but it has the security of a bezel wrapped all the way around the stone and it continues to let the light shine through the whole diamond, something that can be hard to achieve with a bezel setting. The twisting prong element invokes a rose vine curving its way around the beautiful diamond, grabbing onto it the way vines will grasp onto any structure that supports them. 

We put a lot of thought into the jewelry we design, always trying to strike that perfect balance between aesthetics, strength and durability.


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