· By Rachel Dazey

Custom Gold, Silver and Turquoise Bolo Tie

Silver, Gold and Turquoise Men's Bridal Jewelry Bolo Tie

This silver, gold and turquoise bolo was one of those perfect projects that came from a couple we’ve known forever. Ali asked us to make Dylan a bolo that he would love, she granted us 100% creative power, just wanted it to be something he could wear on special occasions and would represent her and their two sons. Because we know Dylan really well, we were able to design a piece that brought a few different elements of things he likes together into one piece. We used silver and gold balls in the sunrays to honor his 2 amazing sons and his absolutely golden wife. When I was thinking about the Instagram caption for this piece the word RADIATE kept coming back to me, and I realized it’s because Dylan and Ali are both people that truly radiate and that understand their power to do good in this world through kindness, intention, and a ton of laughter. They are both light hearted and fun, but also the most genuinely kind people you will ever meet. We love getting to interact and celebrate couples like them through our work. Thanks for being so great Ali and Dylan.


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