· By Rachel Dazey

Love over Fear in 2020

Being a part of love stories across the nation gives us goosebumps any day of the week and having the opportunity to grow that connection with so many couples through 2020 was incredibly meaningful. The engagement rings we created not only fueled our small business, they fueled our hope in love as a guiding light and in relationships as what matter most.
Sanni Mccandless Alex Honnold Engagement Wedding Ring
Alex Honnnold and Sanni McCandless
Sanni Mccandless Alex Honnold Engagement Wedding RingSanni McCandless Alex Honnold Engagement Wedding Ring
We had the privilege of watching many couples propose or get married in 2020 even while facing so much uncertainty. When relationships are forged from the beginning to value love over fear it is a beautiful, life changing thing. One of our customers from Maryland managed to capture the intention of our work in an email he sent after receiving the ring we designed for his bride-to-be.

 "I'm greatly indebted to you and your craft. I set out to find a symbol that would somehow try to measure up to the coziest love I've ever experienced; I honestly didn't imagine that I would ever find anything that was "good enough" for her. Luckily, I ran into your work. I'm not an artistic person at all, but I could see and feel the stories behind your pieces. They flow with character and emotion and there's something inexplicably raw about them. Even then, I had doubts that I could sufficiently communicate my feelings for her into anything intelligible. As it turns out, I was in very good hands, because as I told my story, you listened. You listened to the details big and small, the pauses, the nuance (I imagine you could see my smile when I was talking about her). The ring you created out of that initial conversation is uniquely beautiful, and I'm very thankful to you for that. From where I'm sitting, you captured lightning in a bottle, and you expressed the character of our relationship in that symbol. The ring not only complements our story, it's become a part of it."
                                                                             - Javier Montenegro

We are grateful for every love story we get to be a part of.
Diamond and Sapphire gold engagement ringDiamond and Sapphire gold engagement ring
Diamond and Ruby gold engagement ring Tulsa JewelryDiamond and Morganite Gold Engagement Ring Tulsa Jewelry
We are honored to create pieces of jewelry that can carry so much story, meaning and connection in them. 


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