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We are committed to creating heirloom quality jewelry that will pass down for generations. Using the ancient technique of lost wax casting, hand-carved wax or 3D printed models are cast into precious metal. Stone setting and finishing follow. All processes take place in our studio. Vertical integration ensures the highest quality and reduces environmental impact.

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We design substantial settings and bands to ensure longevity and security of your jewels. We take pride knowing our jewelry will last a lifetime. Inspired by the American West and Art Deco, our work explores our prairie home and identity in the American Heartland.

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We promise exceptional service. Book an appointment to discuss your project in the comfort of our studio. Choose the Private Design Experience for a luxurious experience with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Online and in-person 30 minute consultations are available.

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Art Deco geometric stained glass window from Boston Avenue Methodist church in Tulsa

Art Deco

A design style rooted in aspiration, envisioning a grand future, both futuristic and natural, the motifs of Art Deco range from streamline geometric shapes to ornate natural patterns. The contrast and marriage of these elements creates a style that is both reaching for the heavens but firmly rooted in the earthly realm. Tulsa, Oklahoma was a boomtown in the 1920s when Art Deco was the ascendant design style. Oilmen imported European designers and materials to build some of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the world here in America’s heartland. Explore the collection here

Western american vibes of field and fence

American Western

Both beautiful and brutal, the American West is a landscape of unforgiving grandeur. To explore and discover is central to the ethos of freedom. Self-expression and destiny are enshrined in the rugged individualism and independence of explorers and adventurers. Traditional silversmithing, turquoise and organic textures from rivers, mountains, and earth, are the themes of our American Western collection. The Pantheon of the American West is an ongoing exploration of identity and culture here in the heart of America. Explore the Pantheon here.

1% for the planet

Our appreciation for nature and our conviction to create sustainable, equitable systems led us to join 1% For the Planet, pledging to give at least 1% of gross income to conservation efforts. Our jewelry features 100% recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds and responsibly sourced gemstones. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.