· By Rachel Dazey

Sustainable Values Every Step of the Way

From the inception of Dillon/Rose, eco-conscious practices and total respect for nature have been pillars of our business and personal lives. As a 1% For the Planet Partner, we give one percent of our sales back to support climate action initiatives. Our production processes and materials are also how we honor and care for Mother Earth. We thoughtfully and purposefully create our jewelry with recycled gold, sterling silver, conflict-free diamonds and 100% natural stones.

Another way we are mindful of the planet is through vertically integrated production - when a company creates a product or service in-house, from start to finish. This type of production allows us to be intentionally involved in each part of our process and as a result we can create the highest quality goods in the most efficient, streamlined way. Vertically integrated production isn’t cheap or easy, it requires experts in each step of production which can be challenging, but it also allows companies to oversee the ENTIRE production process. Most importantly for us it allows us to keep a close eye on quality and sustainability.

Dillon Rose Jewelry

This is a large part of our values at Dillon/Rose - we believe in maintaining the highest quality and creating equitable jobs in ethical ways, which is why we choose to keep everything in-house. So, in short, vertically integrated production is not only more environmentally and socially responsible, but it helps us to maintain superior quality every step of the way. 

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