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Creative Reparations Project

Creative Reparations Project
Dillon/Rose :: Black Moon

To honor the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, we have created a Black Diamond Jewelry Collection to debut at Mayfest International Art Festival. This collection honors black resilience and forward progress.

This is my small but meaningful contribution to the much bigger social problem of racism and inequality in America. Often when discussing reparations, we think about big government-led initiatives. I find it more intriguing to identify what I, as an individual, can do in the community without waiting on larger institutions beleaguered by politics. How can I build trust and community? How do we talk openly and honestly about difficult histories? How do we work toward healing? Art is an effective medium in which to creatively explore solutions to the long standing problem of inequality. Acknowledging that we are inhabiting the land of Historic Black Wall Street, the once thriving black business community, we are seeking to uplift the voices of Black artists working in Tulsa today. This is why we are supporting the Black Moon arts collective with 100 % of the sales from this Black Diamonds Collection.

Small and consistent actions create trust.

Building community through cooperation is imperative as we continue to create a better future.

Black diamonds and solid 14K gold. Your purchase from this collection will help bring into reality the better future we strive for together.

Click here to view and purchase the Black Diamond Collection and support the work of Black Moon.


Tulsa Reparations Gold Diamond Jewelry

Tulsa Reparations Black Diamond Gold Jewelry


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