· By Rachel Dazey

Copper Cuff Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser w/ Size info

We are raising funds for our creative community through sales of our copper cuffs. Copper has antimicrobial properties that are much needed in these times. Viruses like COVID-19 cannot live on copper, the metal destroys them. While these cuffs cannot protect you from getting sick it can help you to hope, to believe and to know that it is possible to beat this thing. Our goal is to raise $2500 which will then be distributed to local artists and arts-workers who are suddenly out of work. We can come together and make a difference immediately. This is one small way to help.

Link to shop cuffs here.

Size information: How a copper cuff fits is really a personal preference, the method below works right for most people, but if the size you order first doesn't fit right we will happily exchange it! 

To find your size wrap a phone charger cord or a string around your wrist, pinch the string about where the end meets the rest and then measure that length. My wrist measures at 7" and I wear a Medium size. The cuffs are hammer hardened but can be adjusted to fit your wrist. Please do no bend it many times to take it off as this will weaken the metal. Ideally you want to be able to slide your wrist (behind the bumpy parts) through the opening.

6" = Small

7" = Medium

8" = Large

9" = Xlarge

Small is very small, for the dantiest wrists.

Medium is a very common size, this is what I wear. it is snug but not tight.

Large is also a very common size.

Xlarge will accommodate wider wrists.

We will make sure you get a cuff that fits. If you don't like the fit, send it back and request a different, we will get it to you. We have even made custom sizes for those very unique individuals.

You can open the cuff by gently pulling apart the ends or close it by pressing in on them. Be careful not to do this too many times as it weakens the metal. Find a size that fits comfortably but won't fall off.

Together we will face this challenge and overcome. 

Click here to shop cuffs.



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