Royal Jelly Necklace

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14K Yellow Gold, Oxidized Sterling Silver and Mexican Fire Opal

Bees are masters at working together to create a very precise hexagonal structure, called comb, which is used to raise young bees and store food. The hexagonal shape is the most efficient shape in our world. When bees decide to raise a new queen, they abandon their normal, carefully spaced way of building comb and create a special cell for her egg. After 3 days the egg hatches into a larva and is fed a super nutritious food, called royal jelly, for her to develop into a large productive queen. The patterns of the hive become distorted and appear messy where this larger cell for the queen is placed. The bees know when to break the pattern to attain their needs.

Two inch long gold pendant on an 18'' chain.

Prairie Art Deco style includes natural elements from the surrounding environment. Bees reflect the gilded features and abundance of Art Deco style. 

The Art Deco Collection invokes imagination and expands the horizons of the mind. My hometown of Tulsa is home to many surviving examples of 1920's Art Deco architecture. As a child I loved these buildings before I understood anything about art and design. Like the architects of Art Deco, my hope is when you wear this jewelry your imagination is ignited, your mind is expanded and your spirit is elevated to new heights. - Rachel Rose