1. 14K gold and labradorite stud earrings

Northern Glow Studs

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Let your inner star shine bright like these labradorite and solid 14K gold or sterling silver stud earrings. 
An old Inuit legend says the northern lights were once trapped within labradorite. One day, a warrior struck the stone with a spear, releasing some of the light into the sky.
Labradorite's stunning colors, stemming from a phenomenon called labradorescence, are caused by interference of light reflecting off the gem’s structure. Labradorite, a feldspar, can form in fine layers with slightly different compositions. When light hits these microscopic layers, its wavelengths shift. The wavelengths interfere with each other, making parallel bands of shimmering spectral color. 
These earrings are made using 100% recycled metals.