· By Rachel Dazey

Who is Dillon•Rose?

Who is Dillon•Rose? The business was a hobby at first, a side hustle for extra cash while traveling in Mexico. I learned to use wire, found objects like shells and feathers, and simple needle point pliers to craft earrings and necklaces, trading them for tacos, shelter or occasionally actual money. It was fascinating and empowering to use creativity to supply my needs. Of course at that time it wasn’t called Dillon•Rose. My husband Seth Dillon was not really involved. It wasn’t until later, after our second child was born that we finally decided to fully commit ourselves to the jewelry business. Seth was generally very supportive in the organization of the business, establishing an LLC, bookkeeping systems and our first jewelers benches and our first website.  Deciding a name is never easy but ultimately we chose to marry our middle names, Dillon and Rose, in honor of the effort we were both investing.

We began with what we could afford. Many of our first pieces were still made with scrap or found objects. Lots of copper, feather, fossils and other gathered materials were upcycled into artisan jewels. Seth sculpted in copper, making wire trees and weaving baskets. He would also make jewelry with me but was less adept at the soldering and other delicate operations of jewelry making. We traveled to art festivals across the Midwest, selling our goods in different markets, enjoying the artist van-life. As our children approached school age, we knew there was a limit to the amount of travel we would be able to enjoy. Our work was evolving too. We constantly reinvested in new tools, finer materials and new skills. Working our way into fine jewelry and especially bridal was a years-long process of reinvesting and developing our own abilities.

Our studio outgrew the spare bedroom of our home in 2017. We opened in a historic building just west of downtown Tulsa, sharing the space with other artists. In 2020 we grew to inhabit the whole studio and in 2022 we grew into the adjacent studio, doubling our space. We have had a number of employees and trainees through the years who all contributed to our success in different ways. We currently have a team of four in addition to the two of us. Managing people is quite different than making jewelry but the same grit and determination carries over into every new skill an entrepreneur must acquire. We have been fortunate to always find people who match our passion for exceptional quality and service. 

To say we knew where we were going when we started would be a lie. The direction of our ambition evolved with our experience. We have found the most satisfaction creating engagement rings and wedding bands for couples. Artistic collections and custom work has also been supremely rewarding. Heirloom redesign is another specialty, allowing us to continue family stories across generations. We have enjoyed the generous support of our community. Folks have trusted us with more and more valuable projects. Today we are proud to say our work is competitive with legacy jewelry brands. What’s different about us is the true personal connection, the feeling of intimacy that comes with bespoke artisan goods. We have evolved into a premier destination for fine jewelry with a story, messages of love and honor for relationships. We still make everything in-studio, from start to finish. We oversee every step and perform many of the processes ourselves because we truly enjoy making fine jewelry. Our goal is not to keep growing bigger and bigger. We prefer the intimacy of a small studio, a personal relationship to the work and the clients. We are extremely happy with the direction our business has taken our lives and look forward to being part of more love stories in the years to come.

Dillon•Rose began on a whim, a desire to create and exchange led to the founding of a beautiful fine jewelry atelier rooted here in the American Heartland. We love to put ourselves into the work, every piece a reflection of who we are and the development of our skills. We thank those who have trusted us with their most precious jewels and talismans of commitment and love. Without others to appreciate our work there would be no point to our artwork. Our mission to elevate, celebrate and honor relationships will forever be our passion.

- Rachel Rose


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