· By Rachel Dazey

The Fire of Peridot + Carnelian

Literally born of fire and brought to light, Peridot is a gemstone that is formed under extreme conditions. Nearly all other stones are formed in the Earth's crust, but Peridot is created in the molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by volcanoes and earthquakes. It has also been found hitching a ride to Earth on meteorites or in the stardust brought back from the moon. Carried in ancient times as a protective talisman, Peridot is thought to dispel both inner and outer darkness to reveal inner radiance, awareness and growth.

Born of metaphorical fire, Carnelian's brilliant red-orange gives the holder a sweet reminder of the vibrant sunsets during our late summer evenings. From the Quartz family, this Chalcedony mineral's flash of warm autumnal brilliance indicates that it is a stone of courage and leadership. Carnelian was worn by Ancient Warriors to call upon their own physical power and bravery in battle. It was donned by master architects in Egypt to show their rank of builder. Carnelian promotes a sense of idealism and a fiery confidence in one's life and calling. 

Use the ritual of choosing your gemstone jewelry to remind you of whatever you might need that day; courage, radiance and inner growth.


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