· By Rachel Dazey

Super Bowl 58 - Bolos Are Back

Western style has never been boring and the fashion world is falling in love with boots, hats and bolos. Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas found two of the biggest musicians in the world adopting a western look with bolo ties. Post Malone sang 'America the Beautiful' wearing a beautiful turquoise and silver bolo, his guitar strap also featured some amazing adornment that looks like meteorite in silver. 

Legendary singer Beyonce also donned a turquoise and silver bolo to compliment her seriously big hair. She recently wore a very Western outfit to the Grammy's, proving that tradition and fashion are not in conflict. 


It's important to remember that true style is unique and not chasing trends. Personal expression in the world of fashion is increasingly the norm as we enter the multiverse future. Trying to look like everyone else is over. It's time to express yourself with whatever your heart desires. Western fashion is about exploration and discovery. The adventure of the American West is a spirit that carries us through difficulty and drives us to uncover new sides of ourselves. 

This is why we love bolos, they are unique to American style and fashion. They are distinctly Western. The tradition of artisan crafted adornments of deep personal meaning are expressed in bolo ties. They are formal and irreverent. Independence is the ultimate fashion statement. A custom bolo will not only garner attention, it will declare your individuality.
Bolo tie in silver with gold and tourmaline

Maybe bolos aren't your thing. Check out this Turquoise ring stack in gold:

Discover the adventure of the American West.

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