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Platinum Rose • A Collaborative Event

A Collaborative Event with Natty Gray, Michael Palazzo, & Dillon/Rose

July 16th, 5-8pm at 1229 Charles Page Blvd #1

Artist collaboration is the most exciting form of work we do. We get to explore new ideas and see the creative process through the lens of another artist. We make a lot of jewelry that speaks to different themes or ideas. The Platinum Rose collaboration with Natty Gray and Michael Palazzo explores ideas around infinity, black holes, night life, joy and community.

Natty Gray and Michael Palazzo meeting with Seth and Rachel

The original inspiration came from the deep blue of the Platinum Blue Budweiser bottle. Beckoning the question; what color is a black hole? Is it black or a cosmic color of blue, deep and mysterious, cool and calming. Michael and Natty melted hundreds of platinum blue bottles in a furnace, congealing the liquid mass into blocks of deep blue glass, each a portal into imagination. During the kiln firing process, one of these blocks shattered into pieces, shards, remnants of a universe that never came into being. We fashioned these shards into cast-in-place necklaces, earrings and rings. Wax was molded around the glass by hand and then liquid silver poured into the mold forming unique jewelry pieces that flow and shine with the shimmer of stars and the deep blue of space.

Full Platinum Rose Collection

“Having been fans, friends, and neighbors of Dillon Rose for some time, it is a privilege and honor for Palazzo and I to finally be able to collaborate with them. To take the passion project that was the Platinum Blu sculpture series and pass it through the creative lens of Dillon Rose as another mutual passion project, reinterpreting the original series as something fresh and new; I can’t think of a more appropriate collaboration together and the collection is not just unique but gorgeous. I’m ecstatic to debut it to the public.” - Natty Gray

Platinum Collection Necklaces

The jewelry in this collection is a statement about where we could go, the adventure we can imagine, the people and places that might exist at the edge of our known world. Wearing a necklace or ring from this collection is an opportunity to reflect on our minuscule existence within a giant expanse of space. We are insignificant and yet the universe does not exist without us, we are the observer giving life to cold space. We are the universe in our ability to imagine it.

Platinum Rose Poster

The Platinum Rose collection is a meeting of creative minds, an exploration of creativity in community. We invite you to join us as we explore space from our studio on Charles Page Blvd, Sunday July 16th 5-8pm.


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