· By Dillon Rose

Nature & 1% for the Planet

Protecting wild spaces and preserving natural ecosystems is vital to Dillon•Rose. As jewelry artists, we recognize our materials come from the earth. We invest in protecting and cultivating healthy ecosystems because we draw inspiration from Nature and because we feel a responsibility to cultivate a healthy planet. As 1% For the Planet members, we pledge 1% of total revenue to this mission. It feels like a sacrifice until we experience the environments we are protecting by supporting the Nature Conservancy and Sutton Avian Research Center. 

These wild places inspire our designs and elucidate the complexity of life and relationships. Nature is wild and free, requiring diverse plant and animal systems to maintain healthy structures that will endure storms, producing life-giving plants. The open grasslands of the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, the animals grazing the grasses, the birds nesting and feasting on insects, display the connection between the elements of nature. These necessary contrasts echo the contrasts of our lives; you and me, self and other, life and death, in ever-changing evolution. 

Nature inspires feelings of nostalgia and hope, feeding our creativity. Our ‘Grasses’ necklace was inspired by 4 native grasses, pulling elements from each and designing a flowing seed pod shape to remind us of the earth we all depend on. Observing hills, mountains and open grasslands overlapping and contrasting inspired our landscape necklaces. Gemstones sparkle as a reminder to shine our light just as sunshine and starlight illuminate the land.

We are not different from Nature. We are part of the ecosystem and we have a responsibility to steward our natural abundance for generations to come. This is why we support conservation, this is why we commit to giving back to nature through our partners, 1% for the Planet, The Nature Conservancy and Sutton Avian Research Center.

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