· By Rachel Dazey

Mothering as a creative life force

Mothering is a creative process involving death, transformation and birth. Essentially, a cycle of regeneration. The more we embrace each facet of the journey, the more creatively we blossom as women and mothers. 

Mothering requires the sacrifice of one body for another body, death to create life. Women’s bodies steal nutrients that the mother may need in order to provide for the child. We create an entirely new organ, the placenta, to ensure the baby has ample nutrients throughout pregnancy. Many women have health issues that continue throughout their life stemming from pregnancy and birthing. Birth requires women to give more of themselves to a growing child than they are able to give to themselves proper. 

Mothering involves a change of identity, a centering of one life around another. Becoming a mother is a transformation, often painful, in which our previous body, way of being and often very sense of self can be lost. So much of yourself is given to the birthing and nurturing of a child that we can experience a form of death emotionally or spiritually.

Birthing of a new life can result in a new world view, a kind of rebirth for the mother as well. I can’t tell you how many young mothers have asked me “but when do I feel like myself again?” after having a child. My response has become “There is no you again, the old you was shed in the process, you must now get to know the new you, and love her.” Understanding who we are in relation to ourselves, our children, and our new responsibilities is a journey every mother embarks upon. Embracing the creative life force within, in every moment, opens the door to fully embody mothering and womanhood. 

Mothering is the regenerative creative process. As an artist exploring motherhood I found great symbolism in the mushroom. Soft, blossoming forms that emerge, interestingly enough, through a base called a vulva. Mushrooms create life from dead plants and similar to women they have a cycle of death, transformation and birth, emerging through a vulva to flower and release spores for reproduction. 

This spring, as mushrooms emerge from the ground, I am reminded of the creative work I have birthed into the world, like the pieces below. Our Sapphire and Diamond Toi et Moi engagement ring, whose name means "you and me" and art pieces honoring the soft tender parts of womanhood.

Sapphire and Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

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  • Such a beautiful way to share the story of becoming a mother. There is so much that happens to us and you did a beautiful job of putting it into words. Thank you for your help with our gift to our Z for graduation. Just love your spirit.

    Cynthia Boyle on

  • I love that you are able to give away your gifts and talents. I hope somebody who really appreciates your art, you personally, And all that you do for others-Mostly for your family.

    James Manchester on

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