· By Dillon Rose

Introducing the Bike Ring

Bicycles were how I found freedom. As a child, I would ride downtown to the library, exploring historic buildings in Tulsa. Seth and I shared a love for bikes and every single date we went on for the first 2 years involved riding together. In 2007, we rode from Mexico City to Guatemala, through the mountains of Oaxaca and Chiapas into the jungles of Central America. Traveling on bike provided a slower pace and opportunity for spontaneity. We met a variety of locals in every town, moving at this leisurely pace. Still to this day, I experience a sense of freedom and joy every time I ride.

You can purchase the Bike Ring here!

Because it was the freedom I had on bike that ultimately introduced me to Art Deco Architecture, I wanted to create a ring honoring this vehicle of freedom. Bicycles are geometric - 2 triangles and 2 circles join in a perfect union of efficient transportation and fun. 

We had the privilege of sharing one of our bike rings with Kendall Ryan! 

Kendall Ryan Winning a Race

Kendall Ryan is one of the inspiring members of the elite Legion bike racing team and one of the strongest riders in the world. Her dedication to excellence deserves honor and recognition. This small token of appreciation is meant to communicate my admiration for the hard work it takes to achieve anything great. There are setbacks and failures in any journey, determination is required to continue through challenges and achieve success. Kendall Ryan and the ladies of Legion continue to inspire me to reach for my own goals. I love adorning women who are reaching for big goals, giving their all to achieve their dreams.


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