· By Rachel Dazey

Engagement Ring for Tulsa People Editor

Morgan Phillips, an editor and podcast host for Tulsa People came to us with the first pair of earrings her husband had ever given to her when they were dating, a sweet pair of white gold garnet earrings. Her engagement ring was lost and she was ready to make another one, but wanted it to have something from their early days together. We took the garnet out of the earrings and designed a ring with a few small diamonds to compliment her original wedding band. It's refreshing for us to work with couples who feel the freedom to deviate from tradition for the sake of adding true value to the jewelry we are making for them. Whether it's by choosing to opt for domestically mined stones over diamonds or use a family heirloom diamond rather than buying new or go completely without stones, to us the most important thing be that the ring speak to the values you hold dear and the love you share. 

Diamond and garnet white gold engagement ring


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