· By Dillon Rose

Beginning with an Environmental Mindset

🌿 Beginning with an Environmental Mindset ⛰️

Starting Dillon/Rose 8 years ago, sustainability was on the forefront of our business and entrepreneurial mindset. The only way we could 100% ensure a jewelry business (notorious for poor environmental practices) was sustainable was to fully vertically integrate our entire operation. We use 100% recycled metals like gold and silver for every single piece and also go above and beyond to source gemstones that have a traceable history to a regenerative mining facility or lab.

♻️ What does Vertical Integration mean for D/R? ♻️

We prioritize sustainability and the commitment to vertically integrated production. Our dedication to the planet and the quality of our products is exemplified by our practice of vertically integrated production. Through this approach, we craft our offerings entirely in-house, ensuring top-tier quality and eco-consciousness at every stage. Vertically integrated production demands expertise in each phase, resulting in the most efficient and sustainable goods. This meticulous oversight empowers us to maintain unwavering quality standards while nurturing a greener future for our planet.

🌎 1% For The Planet 🌍

Surpassing the standard with recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds we are also a 1% For The Planet Partner, which gives one percent of our sales back to support climate action initiatives. Why choose 1% For The Planet? They provide businesses with expertise in environmental giving, credibility consumers trust and the accountability to follow through. Each year, businesses give 1% of their annual sales directly to their vetted environmental partners. And, they check the receipts!

💼 Our Commitment to Ethical Vertical Integration 💼

We take pride in our vertically integrated production process, where we create products from inception to completion. What further sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to fair compensation throughout this journey. From our skilled artisans to every contributor involved, we believe in providing equitable wages and benefits, ensuring that everyone's hard work is rewarded. By fostering an environment of respect and fairness, we create products that not only reflect quality but also uphold the values we stand for.

These are in line with our values  - we believe in maintaining the highest quality of jewelry while creating equitable jobs in ethical ways. In short, vertically integrated production is not only more environmentally and socially responsible, but it helps us to maintain superior quality every step of the way.


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