· By Rachel Dazey

Adventure of Falling in Love

men's gold wedding engagement ring band tulsa oklahoma

The greatest adventures are those that fill you with suspense and longing, in that way falling in love is the greatest adventure you could ever choose. There is so much unknown and so much to work towards. Committing yourself to another human being who will certainly evolve and change is full of risk. A challenge that only love can overcome. That’s one reason we like using mountain imagery in our rings, as a reminder of the rewards and hardship of relationships, that being in one is like climbing a mountain range, one that will have many peaks to celebrate and get you through the valleys you encounter together. The 18k gold wedding ring above has a small diamond representing a star or moon above the hand carved mountain range, like a light that you can always look towards, that is always there even when you can't see it, just like love. 


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