· By Rachel Dazey

The Branch Wedding

White gold silver engagement ring diamond Tulsa

We had the honor of making a wedding ring for our good friend Tommy Branch this year. He requested it have a branch on it in some way, so we carved it into wax and cast in into silver, absolutely loving the outcome. As a wedding gift to his bride Stephanie, who has also since become our good friend and happens to be our daughter's kindergarten teacher we made this gold necklace with the birthstones of Tommy, Stephanie and Stephanie's son, signifying the three of them becoming one beautiful family and using the imagery of a branch to honor Tommy's namesake. The birthstones, set in gold, are sapphire, garnet and moonstone. 

As a day of the wedding gift to his bride Tommy gifted Stephanie these hexagon bangles we made out of sterling silver, copper and brass. When she opened it the morning of her wedding her son saw them and said "Wow mom, it's like you, me and Tommy all together as one." She said it was the one thing that day that made her cry. 

Our goal as jewelers has always been to celebrate the values we have personally and the connections we share with people we love. This union was such a beautiful example of how jewelry can do just that. 

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